Sara Coelho-Robinson

More about me...


Sara Patrício Martins Coelho-Robinson

School(s) and Degree(s):

Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto, Masters and Bachelor’s

To me “connecting the dots” means….

Empathizing with the client and their needs, while keeping the local community in mind.

When not at work you will find me…

Knitting, on the couch or on the go!

I bet you didn’t know______ about me

I can read in 5 languages!

My favorite place in Nashville is…

Germantown. The small scale and walkability of it reminds me of Europe, where I am from.

The reason I wanted to become an Architect was…

To make people happy. I used to go around the school yard asking people how they wanted their house to be and spend my time between classes drawing up plans for their happy places.