Michael Silvestri

More about me...

School(s) and Degree(s):

University of Maryland, Bachelor of Science in Architecture

To me “connecting the dots” means….

Finding the positives from past experiences and using them to achieve future goals.

When not at work you will find me…

Attempting to improve my golf game, watching tv, or maybe even at my nearby Kroger’s beer and wine section.

I bet you didn’t know______ about me

I’m from Boston.

My favorite place in Nashville is…

Anywhere with great food.

The reason I wanted to become an Architect/Designer was…

After my sophomore year of college, I decided to transfer into architecture school hoping to discover some untapped creativity in myself. Once my first design studio course came along, I knew I made the right decision. Since then, I’ve been inspired to sketch ideas, balance function with appearance, and to create compelling spaces for others to use.