Jonathon Anderson

More about me...

School(s) and Degree(s):

Master of Architecture, University of South Florida

To me “connecting the dots” means….

To me, the dots represent the process of architecture and just what exactly it is that we do. Each dot is a client, user, engineer, contractor, a sketch, material sample, etc. and it’s our challenge to connect each and every one of them in such a way to create a complete piece of functional artwork!

When not at work you will find me…

Outside…. Most likely running, riding a motorcycle, or drinking a nice craft beer.

I bet you didn’t know______ about me

… that the 1st President of the United States of America is actually my ~8th Great Uncle!

My favorite place in Nashville is…

Percy Warner Park…. or anywhere with Hot Chicken in front of me!

The reason I wanted to become an Architect/ Designer was…

To positively impact the built environment! I always loved art classes in grade school, as well as, building things with my hands, so becoming an architect was just a natural progression for me. Once I learned a little bit more about the profession, I discovered the unique ability an architect has to manipulate the daily life of the user through design which only furthered my desire to create!