Elizabeth Kurtz

More about me...

Licenses + Certifications:


School(s) and Degree(s):

Tulane University, Bachelor of Arts – Sociology

Middle Tennessee State University, Bachelor of Science – Interior Design

To me “connecting the dots” means….

creating spaces that shape the way people interact with each other and their environments.

When not at work you will find me…

thrifting and antiquing, trying new restaurants and bars, looking for any excuse to throw a theme party.

I bet you didn’t know______ about me

I’m obsessed with cemeteries, ghosts, and anything a little bit macabre.

My favorite place in Nashville is…

the Parthenon, especially looking up at the gold statue of Athena.

The reason I wanted to become a Designer was…

to create interiors that are innovative and exciting – that make people feel deeply and think about their environment in a new way.