My Internship at SGS

This summer we had the pleasure of having rising Auburn senior, Logan Lee, join our firm as an intern. His last day was August 5th as he’s getting ready to go back to school, but before he left he wrote a post for our blog about the highlights of his experience with the firm and … Continued

Preserving the Harlem Sky

The architectural discipline is accompanied by many rich sub-genres which can be expanded upon infinitely. Urban design, sustainable design, and historic preservation are just a few of the disciplines that inform, act in dialogue, and respond to architectural design. In my own explorations, I’ve found preservation to be a practice that most encapsulates the potential … Continued

Celebrating AAPI Month

The month of May is Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and as it draws to a close we would like to take a moment to shed some light on AAPI leaders: past and present. From architecture to planning, to civil movements and advocacy, here are Asian-Americans who have made changes in the world. Remembering … Continued

Congress of New Urbanism 2022

At the end of March, many from our planning department headed west to Oklahoma City to attend the Congress of New Urbanism (CNU) Conference where the team not only attended but shared stories, hosted panels, and opened their minds for the betterment of urban design. New Urbanism is a movement with the belief that the … Continued

Kirkpatrick Park

Last post we talked about the Envision Cayce Master Plan and what it set out to accomplish, and so it was only appropriate that we focus in a little closer at one of the projects completed in the first phase of the plan’s implementation: Kirkpatrick Park. Finished in 2019, Kirkpatrick Park is the award-winning foundational … Continued

Envision Cayce

Last week we explored our planning team’s efforts to revitalize Chattanooga’s Westside neighborhood, so this week let’s see something a little closer to home here in Nashville. In collaboration with MDHA and several other partners, our planning team (and architecture teams) have been working on revitalizing Cayce Place in East Nashville. The process beginning in … Continued

Westside Evolves

Our planning team is always creating special communities for existing areas and those yet to be built. Some of their more impactful and memorable work are those times when the team gets to engage with the community, collect input, and build relationships. One of these such projects is in Chattanooga with an opportunity to collaborate … Continued

Career Day Wisdom

Preparing for your first career interviews can be a daunting task but at least you can be equipped with the tools and knowledge of how to present yourself and stay true to yourself. Some of our team members contributed great wisdom and suggestions for those of you just starting out. Not only is it valuable … Continued


新年快乐! Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! Happy New Year! Today is February 1st, the start of the Lunar New Year (commonly referred to as Chinese New Year, though many Eastern and South-Eastern countries celebrate it as well.)  What the Lunar New Year celebrates is pretty much in its name. While we traditionally celebrate the new year on … Continued

A Summer with Smith Gee

Schuyler Daniel joined us for the summer of 2021 and was willing to provide insight into the value of having intern experience as a student. ” As an intern, there is something strange about knowing you are transient in your position. There is uncertainty as to how you will be integrated into an office, if … Continued

Cheers to 2021

We are so grateful for the people who have made 2021 memorable and special. The end of last year and the start of 2022 has us reflecting on the growth of SGS and the accomplishments our team has made. Engagement and Team Building Our year has been filled with social events, both from home and … Continued

Designer Spotlight: Morgan O'Brien

INTRODUCTION Morgan is from Rockville Centre, New York, a town on Long Island. He graduated in May 2021 from the University of Miami, FL, and started his career at Smith Gee Studio and life in Nashville soon after. Inspired by his father who was a general contractor when Morgan was young, he enjoyed tagging along … Continued

Designer Spotlight: Kristen Prevost

The SGS blog, DOTS, is to introducing an anthology series of posts of conversations with people in the office and in related professions. We hope you enjoy. INTRODUCTION Kristen Prevost is a designer with our corporate interiors team and joined SGS just at the end of 2020. Kristen is from Houma, Louisiana, a very small … Continued

Elizabeth Squared

Our Name Twins series continues with Elizabeth K and Elizabeth O! Both are on our social media committee, but what else do these two have in common? Have you been called a name “twin” often? Elizabeth K: Yes Elizabeth O: No Do you have any nicknames as a result of your work name twins? Elizabeth … Continued

Designer Spotlight: Shohreh Moshiri

An interview of Shohreh Moshiri on her observations of her hometown, Tehran, Iran.

The Kristens

Our Name Twins series continues with Kristen P and Kristen G! One is in architecture, the other in interiors, but what do they have in common? Have you been called a name “twin” often? KP: Yes KG: No Do you have any nicknames as a result of your work name twins? KP: KP KG: KG … Continued

The Life and Demise of the Dodo Bird

Hey SGS Team and chance readers! I’m so excited to have been invited to the famed DOTS blog and hope you enjoy this post about my design philosophy and preservation obsessions 😊 For a closer look into this presentation, please visit Schuyler’s presentation website: link here. Abstract: Entropy, a biological term which refers to the … Continued

Kayaking the Harpeth

With summer in full swing and everyone in the office getting vaccinated, the SGS Social Committee organized a great opportunity to get everyone into the summer sun and hang out as a firm on the water. Just a little ways out from Nashville, 22 of us made our way to Foggy Bottom so we could … Continued

Agrarian Urbanism

Our firm had a recent Design Round Table where there was a showing of a TedTalk by Jeff Speck in regards to the “Walkable City”, followed by discussion and exploration of Nashville’s walkability and great experiences of walking in town. I explored something similar with my professor, TK Davis and his Urbanism seminar, in which … Continued

Rachel x 2

We all know our Rachels are some of the nicest folks in the office but do they have any further similarities? Our Name Twins series continues with Rachel T. and Rachel E.! Have you been called a name “twin” often? Rachel T: yes Rachel E: yes Do you have any nicknames as a result of … Continued