thAn or thOn

As Smith Gee Studio continues to grow, it’s only inevitable that some of our team members will end up sharing the same name. By our count, we have seven sets of name “twins” or “triplets” amongst us, and we wanted to highlight them in a series of blog posts to see if our name siblings … Continued

Matt Attack

As Smith Gee Studio continues to grow, it’s only inevitable that some of our team members will end up sharing the same name. By our count, we have seven sets of name “twins” or “triplets” amongst us, and we wanted to highlight them in a series of blog posts to see if our name siblings … Continued

Transgressive Urbanism

At the time of my fifth year, I had not done much theoretical design work. Simultaneously, my interest in all types of crime had reached an all-time high thanks to the sensationalism of podcast journalism and Netflix documentaries. This meant that thesis was the time for me to explore the relationships of criminal and unusual … Continued

Designer Spotlight: Albert Hadley

 “Flair is a primitive kind of style. It is innate and cannot be taught. It can be polished and refined. When a person has flair, a grounding in the principle of design, and self-discipline, that person has the potential of being an outstanding designer.” – Albert Hadley Design school has taught us all to worship … Continued

Design to Organize

A bit belated, but happy new year everyone! 2021 is a chance for another fresh start and I know a bunch of y’all likely have a new set of resolutions to tackle this year. Sometimes all you need to follow through on resolutions is to stay organized, and I’m going to show you one of … Continued

Nashville Design Week: Recap

Nashville Design Week is only in its third year of life and the organization has really opened up some great conversations. This year, the team was presented with a remarkable challenge as they had to figure out how to host an event amidst a pandemic and via digital meetings. The discussion this year was topical, … Continued

A Dog Makes a Home

You might have heard the phrase “a dog makes a house [into] a home.” When presented with the opportunity to design a Magis Dog for the Lucky Dog Design Challenge in February/March, the Smith Gee Studio team took that phrase seriously, especially as the competition was in association with the Nashville Humane Association which works … Continued

Looking at Local

As Nashville and its surrounding areas have begun to cautiously reopen their doors with regulations in place, we felt it was a good time to highlight some small and local businesses that need our support now more than ever. From food to coffee to tanning to clothes, here is a round-up of some local businesses … Continued

PARKing Day 2020

The day started with a frenzied assembly equivalent to that of a traveling circus in efficiency and our only salvation was the chilly morning and low traffic. It took eight adults, a U-Haul, three paint brushes, two paint cans, countless plants, and numerous cupcakes. PARKing Day is an international event that reclaims parking spots amidst … Continued

Quarantine Q&A Pt.II

It has been nearly six months since I’ve seen some of you and our transition to the new office on 6th & Taylor has made seeing everyone all the more special. As you come back to the office, you may notice six new faces! Some of these folks have been here with us the entire … Continued


My mom has bought endless DVDs. My dad has bought hundreds of beers. My neighbors have renovated their house. My cousin got an engagement ring. My grandmother got Netflix – and we’re still surprised that she can get to it on her own. My roommate has bought numerous blogger/influencer-endorsed beauty treatments. My other roommate has … Continued

Keeping Busy

Hey y’all! Happy Memorial Day weekend! With all this time spent at home, we know y’all have been picking up or revitalizing old hobbies to keep yourself occupied after the work day. We thought we’d share some popular hobbies in our own office to show off some office talent. Maybe this will inspire you to … Continued

Quarantine Q&A

Happy Friday! It’s been approximately thirty-six days since Smith Gee Studio started working from home to do our part to self-isolate and flatten the curve! Before we all left to work from home, we had a handful of new hires join the firm that we are excited to introduce to y’all and can’t wait to … Continued

February 2020 Recap

Hello one and all!  We are thrilled to revitalize our blog series!  You can look forward to having two blog posts a month where we’ll tell you how much has been going on over the past month and spotlight SGS employees, events, issues in our community, and much much more!  This issue will summarize what … Continued

NeoCon 2019

For commercial designers Neocon is THE trade show event in the US. Designers from all over the world flock to the Merchandise Mart located in Chicago, IL. The Mart consists of over 4,000,000 square feet of floor space with over 125 showrooms. As you can imagine walking the building in a 2-day period trying to … Continued

She's UnBEElievable!

This year I have started keeping bees. Below are some fun facts that led me to and keep me interested in my hobby. TYPES OF BEES Honey bees are actually not native to the U.S.. Many found in the US are from Europe and Africa. The friendliness of your honey bees depends on the type … Continued

Transit Now Nashville

This month in Nashville we celebrate Transit! The Transit Now Nashville organization has a mission to engage the Nashville community to promote a vibrant transit system. Within the organization each board member has different reasons for serving Transit Now Nashville. However, common goals keep them focused on their mission: + Educate the Community to Increase Ridership … Continued

Show and Tell

Here at Smith Gee Studio, we’re a unique bunch. Aside from our passion for design, we also like to come home and obsess over other things. And because we like getting to know our employees, we decided to throw our first (and definitely not last) office Show & Tell to shed a light on what … Continued

How to Choose a Firm

It’s “career day” season! So we know there is a lot weighing on future graduates’ minds. On the one hand, you need a job. On the other hand, you will be at this job 40 hours a week, 50-ish weeks a year and would prefer for it to be an enjoyable experience. You don’t want … Continued

3D Printing in Architecture

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, uses a three-dimensional digital model to create a three-dimensional physical model of that object. 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing because of its printing process; the 3D printer prints material layer by layer in an additive process, until the model is complete. This is a different process from the … Continued