Hermitage Hills

Smith Gee Studio was hired to work with the Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, a religious education/fellowship facility, to develop the interior branding of their new fellowship addition and to design various interior environments that celebrated these schemes in individualized spaces. The objective for the expansion was to maintain the church’s current congregation and to attract young families and young adults. Through the use of words, super-graphics and color, SGS developed a logo for each age group based on their individual ministry focus. This then translated into a full interior design, which included custom millwork, finishes and furniture.

The infant area was named the “Treehouse” and featured leaves and tree-like structures upon which children could climb and explore in a loving, protected environment. Pre-teens were invited to slow down in the “Pause” group, where funky hangout areas gave them their own space – differentiating them from the older high schoolers and younger middle schoolers. The space was proven to be a boon for their growing church ┬ábase and has created warm distinctive places for every age group to continue developing in their faith.