DVL Public Relations & Advertising

Program Summary:

This 21,000 s.f. corporate office interior project helped rebrand and reposition a long established public relations and advertising agency in Nashville’s new urban neighborhood, The Gulch.

Program Statement:

DVL, one of the Southeast’s largest independent public relations and advertising agencies, is well-known for staging large-scale events and establishing an interactive face for clients such as Jack Daniels, Johnston & Murphy, Martha White, Bridgestone and Goodwill Industries.

Previously housed across from the State Capitol in a turn-of-the-century YWCA building, their office reflected the agency’s status as a well-established player, but physically handicapped the company by its aged décor and separation into isolated departments on four floors.   The largest gathering space was a locked room on a separate multi-tenant floor, removed from the day-to-day action of the firm.   Additionally, special projects manned by two to three employees were shuttered away in the basement near the storage room and file server.

Looking ahead, DVL aspired to retain up-an-coming leadership and to recruit and retain new talented employees.  In search of an image change, DVL hired Smith Gee Studio to assist them with finding the right location and with the design of a new, fresh, modern office space for the 21st Century generation of their firm.  DVL was looking for a place that would allow the firm to stretch out of compartmentalized project teams and into a more unified whole of creative professionals.

SGS was tasked with capturing the spirit of a major public relations agency, transitioning its teams and leadership into the new economy through the design of new workspace.  A home was found in Nashville’s hip, new Gulch district in a high-rise of urban condos with an office/retail base. The building afforded DVL single-floor occupancy, high visibility and a vibrant destination for both clients and employees.

DVL assumed they would need the same amount of office space they had in their former building.  Through our programming phase, we learned how they operate, reviewed preliminary furnishing options and determined they could function better in approximately 1/3 less space.  Additionally, the firm wanted individual rooms for large training sessions, smaller group breakouts, casual remote working areas and large social and political events after hours.  We determined that through creative design, we could allow these spaces to overlap and share, reducing the required leasable space.

The result has been a complete success, providing a more efficient and productive modern office space and helping to transform the company’s image in order to retain and grow their talented team and leadership. Subsequently, DVL hired SGS to design an expansion space as they have seen continued growth since moving

“As a PR firm we knew our move to the Gulch would improve our public image, but the investment paid back more than we could possibly have imagined.  Not only did we meet our schedule, but our design team led by Smith Gee helped us invest our money wisely and gave us a facility that changed both our public face and our internal perception.“

– Ronald Roberts, President & CEO
DVL Public Relations & Advertising