Clift Farms

The Clift Farm is a legacy agriculture development located in Madison, Alabama on Hwy 72.
The area around Clift Farms has seen recent development of major commercial centers, medical center, and residential neighborhoods. The Clift family worked with Breland Companies and Smith Gee Studio to develop a vision for the future of Clift Farms as the patriarch, Jack Clift, sought to pass on their legacy farm for development and greater benefit to the city of Madison, Alabama.
Smith Gee Studio hosted a multi-day master planning design charrette that invited city departments and elected officials, and Clift family members to collaborate in creating that legacy vision. The master plan was envisioned to provide a mixed-use commercial town center with an agricultural focus on a portion of farm property the family retained for their legacy. The master plan also focused on conserving the natural resource of Knox Creek to create a greenway trail system that links into the development through a network of stormwater fingers, parks, and open spaces.

This project is unique, beneficial and/or innovative because: it’s vision to create a complete community of commercial, residential, and amenity uses in a growing suburban context.

SGS’ Value Add was bringing together the developer, the Clift family, and the city to collaboratively create a vision for a legacy farm that the entire community agreed was the best use for the property.