Elizabeth Squared

Our Name Twins series continues with Elizabeth K and Elizabeth O! Both are on our social media committee, but what else do these two have in common? Have you been called a name “twin” often? Elizabeth K: Yes Elizabeth O: No Do you have any nicknames as a result of your work name twins? Elizabeth … Continued

The Kristens

Our Name Twins series continues with Kristen P and Kristen G! One is in architecture, the other in interiors, but what do they have in common? Have you been called a name “twin” often? KP: Yes KG: No Do you have any nicknames as a result of your work name twins? KP: KP KG: KG … Continued

Kayaking the Harpeth

With summer in full swing and everyone in the office getting vaccinated, the SGS Social Committee organized a great opportunity to get everyone into the summer sun and hang out as a firm on the water. Just a little ways out from Nashville, 22 of us made our way to Foggy Bottom so we could … Continued

Matt Attack

As Smith Gee Studio continues to grow, it’s only inevitable that some of our team members will end up sharing the same name. By our count, we have seven sets of name “twins” or “triplets” amongst us, and we wanted to highlight them in a series of blog posts to see if our name siblings … Continued

Design to Organize

A bit belated, but happy new year everyone! 2021 is a chance for another fresh start and I know a bunch of y’all likely have a new set of resolutions to tackle this year. Sometimes all you need to follow through on resolutions is to stay organized, and I’m going to show you one of … Continued

A Dog Makes a Home

You might have heard the phrase “a dog makes a house [into] a home.” When presented with the opportunity to design a Magis Dog for the Lucky Dog Design Challenge in February/March, the Smith Gee Studio team took that phrase seriously, especially as the competition was in association with the Nashville Humane Association which works … Continued

Looking at Local

As Nashville and its surrounding areas have begun to cautiously reopen their doors with regulations in place, we felt it was a good time to highlight some small and local businesses that need our support now more than ever. From food to coffee to tanning to clothes, here is a round-up of some local businesses … Continued

PARKing Day 2020

The day started with a frenzied assembly equivalent to that of a traveling circus in efficiency and our only salvation was the chilly morning and low traffic. It took eight adults, a U-Haul, three paint brushes, two paint cans, countless plants, and numerous cupcakes. PARKing Day is an international event that reclaims parking spots amidst … Continued

Keeping Busy

Hey y’all! Happy Memorial Day weekend! With all this time spent at home, we know y’all have been picking up or revitalizing old hobbies to keep yourself occupied after the work day. We thought we’d share some popular hobbies in our own office to show off some office talent. Maybe this will inspire you to … Continued

February 2020 Recap

Hello one and all!  We are thrilled to revitalize our blog series!  You can look forward to having two blog posts a month where we’ll tell you how much has been going on over the past month and spotlight SGS employees, events, issues in our community, and much much more!  This issue will summarize what … Continued