Design to Organize

A bit belated, but happy new year everyone! 2021 is a chance for another fresh start and I know a bunch of y’all likely have a new set of resolutions to tackle this year. Sometimes all you need to follow through on resolutions is to stay organized, and I’m going to show you one of the ways I keep track of everything: bullet journaling.

During my last year at school, I started bullet journaling, and I haven’t stopped since. Here’s some background information about bullet journaling and how you can design your own to organize your life.

BULLET JOURNAL (or BuJo for short)

Typically, when one refers to a bullet journal, they’re referring to a dot-grid notebook used as an organizer, planner, or custom journal for whatever events in life require one.

The term began to become popularized with the introduction of the Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, who describes the act of bullet journaling as the act of intentional living. The methodology involves capturing information as bulleted lists, which different types of bullets used to signify importance or context, such as tasks, notes, events, priorities, inspiration, and etc.

These lists are categorized by day, week, month, or year, or by whatever custom category you require. Once you have a system that works for you in place, the methodology suggests that you’re ready to move on to a mindful practice of productivity and will learn to live with intention. Sounds fancy right?

Everyone journals differently, though the overarching concept is the same: this journal is to help you with whatever tasks you need in whatever form works best for you. You tailor it to your needs.


A typical bujo is meant for your life. I began using mine to track my project progress through my final year of school, as well as keeping note of my job search, apartment hunting, and moving arrangements.

I have my bullet journal stylized so that each month has its own theme (color-wise or graphically) which is helpful to distinguish between them when looking back, as well as a monthly calendar spread and various trackers (mood, spending, water intake, etc.)

After that, there’s a spread for each week of the month within the theme, and the process continues.

This is a throwback to October 2019
Weekly overview with important dates on the side bar
Keeping track of my habits and mood
And then the weekly lists for more specific tasks


Custom bujos can be used for anything: travel, song writing, sketching, note taking, the list is endless. Here are a few examples!

Travel Inspired/ Trip Planning
Comfort and Doodling
Study Notes


A colorful, illustrated, themed out bujo isn’t for everyone. The Bullet Journal Method is highly practical and minimalist, to focus on the daily/monthly/yearly personal tasks and goals. Some bujos may have light doodles to break up the words, others may be full of bright images and art.

The bujo is there for you to design to best fit your life. One way might work better than another, as long as it works for you and helps you, then it’s a good journal.

Pick up a journal, grab a pen, and get started today! And good luck!