My mom has bought endless DVDs. My dad has bought hundreds of beers. My neighbors have renovated their house. My cousin got an engagement ring. My grandmother got Netflix – and we’re still surprised that she can get to it on her own. My roommate has bought numerous blogger/influencer-endorsed beauty treatments. My other roommate has bought sommelier classes. My best friend got a miniature Italian Greyhound. Personally, my “strange thing” to have purchased during this time is a television, home furnishings i.e. rugs & a desk, and an ungodly amount of Coco’s so everyone’s crazy is relative.

If you’re like me, working from home has given you ample time to think about all the things you need. And within that timeframe, you’ve probably purchased at least one strange or unique thing to you!

Here’s what other purchases have been made amid pandemic…

JAnderson: House has been bought.

Elizabeth Kurtz: As a clinically-diagnosed shopping addict, I could truly lead a 5-hour GoToMeeting on my quarantine purchases, but for everyone’s sake will condense it to a few sentences. From the practical- face masks for every possible outfit combination, to long procrastinated- a citrus squeezer and tea bag organizer, to the extremely niche- a gadget that rolls up your toothpaste tube from the bottom, I feel like I have really covered my bases this quarantine. Don’t even get me started on the home decor category of purchases. But out of all of these, one of the cheapest and most “ridiculous” (some would say) items is what brings me the most joy- a pair of bright yellow platform crocs. While they have yet to make a public appearance, I wear them around the house and they make me feel like a fashionable child gardener who has no patience for gardening. And that’s really all I could ask for this quarantine, 10/10

Claire Claytor: Mine was probably a mobile splash pad for some back-yard heat relief.  Go big or go home?  Nah, we are going big and staying home. 

Yessenia Vega: So we are not really great at online shopping but we finally gave in on some weird purchases this past month! We finally started getting our baby boys nursery together so goodbye to our spare bedroom/ junk room/ forever storage space. We did also get me a mom car as well! I have only used my 2020 Mazda CX-5 a handful of times but it’s amazing and I highly recommend it if you’re just looking for a car with a little more room. I had a 2015 VW Jetta before this so there are a lot of cool new features on this car that I have really been looking forward to. Mainly it drives very smoothly and has a cool sun roof! In terms of all the nursery stuff we got off of Amazon and Ikea, we have only tested the recliner which reclines all the way back and has an awesome heated massage feature. And the crib is very well loved by our two cat babies who we constantly find napping underneath it.

Ron Yearwood: It’s the VR headset, Oculus Quest. I’m not really a video gamer, but this was a worthwhile purchase.

Jonathan Sexton purchased Shia in July, oil painting… you’ll have to ask how he acquired it.

Mona & family has purchased a headstand bench to practice balance and strength… three months later and they are still obsessed.

If anything, this time has allowed for us to treat ourselves and invest in our happiness. I hope this is something that we continue on in an uncertain age and keep being spontaneous.