Jason Gibson

More about me...

School(s) and Degree(s):

University of Virginia, Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Clemson University, Masters in Architecture

To me “connecting the dots” means….

…clearly expressing the desires and intents of a client’s goals throughout a project, while providing respectful expertise to the final product.

When not at work you will find me…

…wait what do you mean “when I’m not at work?”…I suppose I am usually slumming it around one of the great Germantown establishments.

I bet you didn’t know______ about me

…that my mother’s maiden name was Debbie Reynolds like the actress and became Debbie Gibson like the 80’s pop singer after marriage.

My favorite place in Nashville is…

…easy, the Ryman Auditorium.

The reason I wanted to become an Architect/Designer was…

…because I get to draw for a living.