The Dolemites, The Mastadons, And a Pineapple

New York City. City that never sleeps. City of lights, glitz, glam, and a density that is hard to fathom. The natives move quickly and with a kind of rhythm, which usually includes headphones and tuning out the outside busy world around them. To Architects like us “the City” is fascinating, mostly because of its … Continued

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day! To recognize the Fathers in our office, we decided to ask them to highlight their best/worst Father’s Day gifts. Of course, that wouldn’t be complete without a solid Dad Joke to go along with it. And then top it off with a little nugget of wisdom their fathers once told them. Let’s … Continued


Alright. There are lots of ways to cook bugs but this is my method. When you get the crawfish, leave them in the bag and just add some ice to the cooler.  pull the drain plug and prop the cooler up so water doesn’t pool in the bottom of the cooler when it starts to … Continued

Happy Mothers Day

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To recognize all of the mom’s in our office on Mother’s Day, we decided to ask their families and loved-ones a few questions about how special they are! Lets meet our moms! ANJONA  –  pronounced – [ on-jon-a – or our ray of sunshine ] My mom’s favorite thing to do is… ? she … Continued

[Re]building Together

I am a pessimist and a realist; I know myself pretty well (multiple years of therapy have helped). But still, I like to think that most people want to do good and really want to help others. Whether it is buying a Contributor or giving spare change to the Salvation Army at Christmastime, I want … Continued

Dave Throws Pots

Many non-design professionals may feel that architects have picked a super-cool creative profession that fulfills all of our creative needs. That is not always the case.  Buildings take a long time to design and even longer to build. Sometimes, we need another creative outlet that offers a more immediate sense of completion and gratification.  Some … Continued

Wes Anderson

In lieu of Wes Anderson’s upcoming film, Isle of Dogs, we thought we should take a moment and acknowledge the mustard yellow elephant in the hotel lobby: Architects have a thing for Wes. We do. From Day 01 in design school, it’s almost a rite of passage to be made aware of his work, a … Continued


Searching for a job can be extremely stressful, especially if you have been to 6 interviews, tried your absolute best, and have no idea why you are not receiving any offers. Smith Gee Studio attended career day at the University of Tennessee a few weeks ago, where we interviewed and talked with dozens of aspiring … Continued

Tiny Homes

  This story begins in Spring 2016. I went to Architecture School at the University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community Design in Tampa. Two professors whom I admire, Josue Robles Caraballo and Mike Lemieux, decided to join together to take on the task of putting together a group of students to design … Continued

Chronicles of Building Stairs

The Chronicles of Building Stairs…..   As architects and designers, we’ve probably all been on a job site at some point in our careers where our knowledge and understanding of how something is built has come into question. It takes a thorough understanding of how things are assembled and the knowledge of how tools are … Continued


Three of our employees went to Miami this past month, including myself. The area I enjoyed the most was Wynwood. Everywhere you look in Wynwood there is art. The walls, the facades, sidewalks, telephone poles… all covered in art. There was so much energy and imagination everywhere! We thought it would make a perfect topic … Continued

The Great Eight

It’s been eight years since Smith Gee Studio turned on the light switch, and we have a lot to be proud of. “It seems like just yesterday we had started, and then we celebrated 5 years, and now we are celebrating eight years. I can’t believe it! I’m so thankful that we still have great … Continued


It’s no secret that the profession of architecture has adapted over the years. With the waves of new technology, VR headsets, holographic models, and Bjarke Ingels, there is still something magical about old school drafting instruments. If you’ve got a few rings in your tree (as Ali would say) you may remember being apart of … Continued


As a suburban kid raised in Mississippi, transit was never a priority to me or even on my radar.  I lived in a society that was solely car dependent.  It wasn’t until after college (2003) that I first experienced the value transit provides.  My first job from college was as an urban planner in Princeton, … Continued


This week at Smith Gee’s DRT (Design Round Table, where one of our own teaches and shares with the firm weekly),  Andy Berry made….I mean invited…us all to draw with sticks! Here’s a few words from Andy: “When I was in school, we used to draw a lot with sticks and ink.  We’d use watercolor … Continued

Pets of SGS

Meet our best friends! For future reference: floofy (floofiness) – Blend of fluffy +‎ poofy Adjective floofy (comparative more floofy, superlative most floofy) (informal) Feathery; puffy, light, airy or windswept. (colloquial) Elaborate, frilly, fussy or overwrought in a silly or purely decorative way. (colloquial) Fluttery; emotional, worked up, especially over inconsequentials.     Name: Zoe – The Official Smith Gee Studio Office Dog ™ Owner: Sonya Smith and Fleming Smith Top three traits: (1) smart and sensitive (2) outgoing- never met a stranger (3) longest … Continued

Holidays wih

(Disclaimer: Jonathan’s views on holidays do not reflect Smith Gee Studio’s views on holidays.). Judging by the increased traffic on the streets and eager looks in children’s eyes, the holiday season has arrived.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against this time of year and the accompanying festivities, it just seems like too much … Continued


With the Holidays approaching, you’ll find Holiday cards filling up your mail boxes and your spam folders. From your co-workers to your loved ones to the Grahams, who just keep adding “a blessing” to their family every year, Holiday cards are a ritual of the season; complete with forced smiling faces, uncomfortably looking children, and … Continued


Americans gather each year on the fourth Thursday in November with family and friends to give thanks for all of our many blessings. Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival and has transformed in modern times into a day of football, family, and feasting. Smith Gee Studio gathered on the third Thursday in November to celebrate … Continued

Rural Studio

Hello all! My journey into the wonderful profession of Architecture and Design began at Auburn University. You might be thinking, oh man I wonder if she got to go to the rockstar program known as Rural Studio? Well folks, I had the absolute privilege to not only complete my architectural thesis study at Rural Studio, … Continued