Peyton Stakes

Peyton Stakes is a 249-unit multifamily infill project located on the edge of the National Register Germantown Historic District.

The plan strengthens the neighborhood, encourages residents to bond, enhances the quality of life and instills a sense of belonging and community pride. It focuses its intensity towards 3rd Avenue North transitioning down in scale towards the Historic District.

The project creates a pedestrian-friendly environment surrounding the site through the inclusion of streetscape improvements, wide sidewalks, landscaping and a highly aesthetic architectural backdrop that prominently addresses the street.

The architecture takes queues from the industrial character of the surrounding area including the use of large windows and the strategic use of brick detailing to create a high-quality, visually appealing addition to the Germantown community.

The plan activates a “living alley” with a pool courtyard and landscaped courtyard while a second landscaped courtyard breaks down the scale at Van Buren Street.