Take A Stand

As architects, a lot of our career is spent at a desk.  According to Quartz Magazine and the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Architects spend 70-75% of their day sitting at their desks. This is much higher than the national average of 40%.

Millennial’s and their annoying focus on health and happiness has caused a disruption to the old ways of sitting at a desk hunched over a keyboard all day.

Alas, there are new options to avoid leg cramps and obesity! Options have been around for centuries, but now there has been a sweeping trend of motivation to find a cure: STANDING!


Sit/stand desks have taken the country by storm, and the benefits are endless.

7 reasons for sit/stand desks as told through the eyes of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company (TV Show The Office) :


Standing (even at a Desk Job) Lowers Your Risk of Obesity.

  • Did you know that Americans sit for an average of 13 hours per day? Studies conducted by Scientific America have proven that sitting for prolonged periods of time slows down your metabolism and promotes fat accumulation. Simply standing throughout the day increases blood flow to keep you productive and your metabolism up!



Spending Even a Few Hours Each Day Standing at Your Desk Is Like Running A Marathon.

 but take it from SGS’s REAL runner Lauren – a marathon is hard work!

  • Standing burns 0.7 calories per minute, which amounts to about 30,000 calories at the end of the year!
  • Add a balance board to engage your legs more if you really want a challenge.



Doctor’s Ill Advise Sitting All Day.

  • Welp, Doctor’s Orders!



Standing More Often Can Increase Your Lifespan

  • Studies show you can add up to 2+ years on your life.



It can Decrease Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

  • You get better blood flow!



Sitting isn’t just bad for Your Body, it’s Bad for Your Mind too.

  • Sedentary behavior is associated with memory loss, lack of focus, and thinning of brain structures.



You will Be in a Better Mood and Increase Your Energy.

  • Less stress and fatigue are two things I know everyone can benefit from!


A STANDING OVATION for all of those employees with sit/stand desks!



credit to the mission podcast for your inspiration of this post!